Drum Roll Please
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“A perfect middle-grade love story.”

Ami Polonsky, author of Gracefully Grayson

“A perfect summer read.”

School Library Journal

“Graceful and genuine.”

Publishers Weekly

Drum Roll, Please

A middle grade novel from Harper
Published June 2018
ISBN: 9780062791146
Available wherever books are sold.

A Junior Library Guild selection

Find the confidence to rock out to your own beat.

Melly only joined the school band because her best friend, Olivia, begged her to. But to her surprise, quiet Melly loves playing the drums. It’s the only time she doesn’t feel like a mouse.

Now, she and Olivia are about to spend the next two weeks at Camp Rockaway, jamming under the stars in the Michigan woods.

But this summer brings big changes for Melly: her parents split up, her best friend ditches her, and Melly finds herself falling for a girl at camp named Adeline. To top it off, Melly’s not sure she has what it takes to be a real rock ‘n’ roll drummer. Will she be able to make music from all the noise in her heart?

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Hazel's Theory of Evolution
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“Warm and memorable.”

Kirkus Reviews

Hazel’s Theory of Evolution

A middle grade novel from Harper
Coming October 2019
ISBN: 9780062791177

Hazel knows all about life on Earth. She could tell you anything from what earthworms eat to how fast a turkey can run. That’s because when she’s not hanging out with her best friend, Becca, or helping care for the goats on her family’s farm, she loves reading through dusty old encyclopedias. But even Hazel doesn’t have answers for the questions awaiting her as she enters eighth grade.

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Starting from Here
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“A winner of a first novel.”

Nancy Garden, Annie on My Mind

“Compulsively readable.”

Laura Ruby, Bone Gap

Starting from Here

A 2013 Rainbow List Top Ten book

A young adult novel from Skyscape
Published September 2012
ISBN: 9780761462330
Available wherever books are sold.

Sixteen-year-old Colby Bingham’s heart has been broken too many times. Her mother is dead, her truck driver father is always away, and her almost girlfriend just dumped her for a guy. When an injured stray dog lands at her feet, she decides to care for it, against her better judgment.

But new connections mean new opportunities for heartbreak. Terrified of another loss, Colby bolts at the first sign of trouble, managing to alienate her best friend, her father, the cute girl pursuing her, and even her dog’s vet, who’s taken Colby under her wing. Colby can’t start over, but can she learn how to move on?

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