Happy Seuss Day!

It’s Read Across America Day, a celebration of literacy sponsored by the National Education Association. Not coincidentally, it’s also the birthday of Dr. Seuss, the late, great creator of that gem of a limited-vocabulary easy reader, The Cat in the Hat.

Now, last month, in what was probably a coincidence, Fuse #8 issued a challenge for folks to re-imagine scenes from Dr. Seuss books in the style of yet another famous illustrator of their choosing — to “Re-Seussify Seuss.” She posted the results yesterday.

And they are really something. From a delightfully deadpan Jon Klassen-style Cat in the Hat, to a Seussian circus overrun by Curious George-ish monkeys, to an uber-creepy Gammell-style ghoul reciting words from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, each artist did, in my opinion, an ingenious job of capturing both the style of each illustrator while not forgetting the heart of Seuss.

And, um, I did one, too.

If you work with small kids, you’ve almost certainly seen — and, I’d imagine, been charmed — by the picture books of Todd Parr. His hallmarks are simple line drawings filled with bold colors, relentlessly cheerful characters, and the overt theme that diversity is not only okay but a wonderful thing in our world. (I’m also a big fan of Underwear Dos and Don’ts.) Hopefully if he sees this he’ll recognize it as the homage it is.

Please do check out all the submissions. The page was very slow to load yesterday, what with all the large images and heavy traffic, but I think things have settled down by now. And it’s worth the load-time, regardless.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Seuss Day!

  1. Huh, what is even weirder is that Joanna pointed out to me that I know 2 people in that list. A friend of mine here in boston drew number 8. Small world!

  2. Todd Parr and Dr Seuss are AWESOME. My son (who has two moms) loved the “some families have two moms” page in The Family Book when he was small… and he is, of course, a Cat in the Hat fan (seriously, who isn’t?)… so I will have to show this to him ;)

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