The 13 Days of Doctor Who: Must Love Doctor Who

13 Days of Doctor Who

It’s Day 11 of the 13 Days of Doctor Who blog hop! Whether you arrived here via Ryann Murphy’s post about the music of Doctor Who or by some other means, welcome. Be sure to comment to be eligible for two fantastic prizes!

Must Love Doctor Who: An Open Letter to Potential Companions

Tenth Doctor looking intenseHey, you: lattegrrl75, k1ttyl0v3r, twizzlerama, reading my profile, deciding whether I’m cute and clever enough to message. You love baking cookies and downhill skiing, hoppy beers and unagi, Amélie and Haruki Murakami, not to mention solving crossword puzzles on rainy Sunday mornings whilst wearing flannel pajamas and fuzzy bunny slippers…but do you love Doctor Who?

I’m sure you’ve gotten an earful of online dating advice. Stick to the positives. Write in actual words rather than LOLZ. Be honest, be funny, and, for the love of Clom, don’t mention your exes. And remember: some Cybermen are best left in the closet.

Eleventh Doctor looking cheekyBut I refuse to conceal my fondness for the Doctor. Why admit something so geeky on my profile? It’s like the Eleventh Doctor and his precious bow ties. He’ll never stop wearing them, insisting, with just a hint of defensiveness, that they’re cool. If you can’t respect my Whovianism, I’ll tell you right now: mutual passion for fish fingers and custard or no, we’re going no-where, no-when.

Now, maybe you haven’t met the Doctor yet. That’s okay. No one is born knowing that 900-year-old, double-hearted, universe-saving Time Lord from Gallifrey. I’d never heard of him before college, when I made a friend who wore a Tom Baker scarf and a Dalek T-shirt, and it was years later that I met the Ninth Doctor and began working my way through the rest of the show.

Sally Sparrow meets a Weeping AngelSo, before you click that button to message me (because, after all, I am extremely cute and clever), watch a few episodes. Try the gripping, creepy, and ultimately joyful duet of “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances,” or “Blink,” a mind-bending, breath-taking thriller. Or perhaps the first episode with the Ninth Doctor, “Rose”—the episode where I first stepped into the TARDIS for myself.

See, Doctor Who fans aren’t merely viewers; they’re the Doctor’s Companions, adventuring through the universe across time and space as surely as Rose and Mickey, Martha and Donna, Amy and Rory. The TARDIS has room aboard for you, too—trust me: it’s bigger on the inside—if you can meet a few simple conditions.

Second Doctor wearing a silly hatStrange people and places should excite you, rather than frighten or bore you. You should enjoy having silly conversations and solving mysteries and pondering big questions. You must not be afraid to be ridiculous. And you should believe people can rise above greed and violence, selfishness and apathy, to create a better universe.

Ninth Doctor and RoseI guess you could say I’m looking not for a companion, but rather for a Companion, in the Whovian sense. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trapped in a banal, soul-sucking job like Rose or Donna, or whether you’ve nearly lost hope of regaining the magic and wonder you experienced as a child, like Amy. What matters is that if the Doctor suddenly appeared in his blue box and unfolded the universe at your feet, you’d go with him. Because that’s what I want: a Companion to have adventures with, across time and space.

So, watch Doctor Who, and ask yourself: are you Companion material? If so, fantastic! Brilliant! Allons-y!

Donna giving the thumbs downBut if not, don’t bother writing, no matter how cute and clever you are. It’ll never happen between us—unless the Daleks have exterminated everyone in the universe but you and me.

And even then, probably not.

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ETA: Grand Prize Winner
Erica reports that the grand prize winner is Mrs. S, who commented on Phoebe North’s post about the Doctor as an anti-hero.

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Commenters on this post will also be entered to win a signed copy of The Wee Free Men: The Beginning, by Terry Pratchett. This paperback volume collects the first two Tiffany Aching adventures, The Wee Free Men and A Hat Full of Sky, about a gutsy young witch who falls in with a clan of drinkin’, fightin’, stealin’ folk known as the Nac Mac Feegle. If you love Doctor Who, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the excitement and humor of Sir Terry’s Disc World. Shipping is limited to USPS. Contest closes at midnight CST on December 27th. I will post the winner on December 28th and notify the winner via email.

ETA: Bonus Raffle Winner
The random number generator has spoken! Saskia is the winner of the bonus raffle.Wee Free Men: The Beginning

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53 thoughts on “The 13 Days of Doctor Who: Must Love Doctor Who

  1. Very nice. However, whenever trying to introduce someone to Doctor Who, I always start with “The Girl in the Fireplace” with Reinette. To me, it’s a perfect representation of the show. It’s very funny (horses and banana daiquiris), but also creepy (clockwork headchoppers!) and bittersweet (poor Reinette). Also, unlike Blink, it has a full serving of David Tennant, and it avoids casting a really cheesy villain (which is why I avoid the episode “Rose”).

    smcdanielc [at] gmail [dot] com

    • You make a good point about the cheesy villain in “Rose,” and I did hesitate to mention it because of the cheesiness you mentioned. It would be easy to stop there and miss out on so much more!

      “The Girl in the Fireplace” has the added bonus of a romantic setting and plot.

  2. Excellent! My wife is a Doctor Who fan. I would certainly love her even if she wasn’t, but it does make for a less complicated relationship. Trust me, folks, if you love the Doctor, you want to look for a Companion who shares your love; someone to snuggle next to during the Christmas Special… and someone to hide behind the sofa with. Who can be experienced alone, but like many other things, it’s a love that’s better shared.

    Great article, Lisa!

  3. My boyfriend REFUSES to watch Dr. Who with me, and it tears at me sometimes. I’ve ended up watching (so far) four seasons by myself. I would love to have someone to watch it with.

  4. I couldn’t agree with this more… I would want any significant other to be willing to rewatch Doctor Who episodes with me and chat back and forth about various bits of plot insanity :) And of COURSE, I would love to be a real companion to the Doctor himself as well!

  5. I had almost the exact same introduction to the good Doctor. Had a friend in college who loved the show, but I never got into it. I’m a big Neil Gaiman fan, so when I heard he wrote an episode, I had to watch it. I started with “Rose” and that was it. I was totally hooked. He had me at “I can feel it. The turn of the earth.”

    • LOVE the Ninth Doctor. David Tennant was awesome, and Matt Smith is growing on me, but the emotion Christopher Eccleston poured into that role… (I should also confess that I have yet to watch the Neil Gaiman episode all the way through; I was really tired when I was watching it and fell asleep!)

  6. You forgot to mention that pulling your friends into watching Doctor Who may cause them to occasionally talk like a Dalek. : )

  7. I’m definitely a David Tennant man. Well him and John Barrowman. Yummy! And I’m straight!

    I *did* watch a lot of Doctor Who when younger, and begged my parents to let me stay up late and watch it with them so I could then have nightmares and not sleep well for days afterwards. I think Who was responsible for the majority of my night terrors when younger. ;)

    Can I love seasons 1-4 of the new series, feel ambivalent about season 5, and be a little scared of watching season 6 and still pass this test? Season 5 felt like a slap in the face after the wonderful character development and emotions of seasons 1-4. Suddenly the characters all became one dimensional and I stopped caring about anyone’s interpersonal relationships. Was so sad. :(

    I do understand it’s just my personal taste here and that for some people season 5 is a wonderful return to the feeling of the original series and it’s nice to get a break from all the teen angst stuff. But I liked that stuff!

    • I <3 John Barrowman, too. Such a freakin' ham, so he's strongest when playing comedic scenes (e.g., the reality show on Satellite Five).

      I can believe childhood Who-induced nightmares! For all the great script-writing and special effects of the reboot, a lot of those old series are pretty damn creepy — especially to a kid who doesn't care about great-script-writing or special effects. :-)

      Also — totally with you on seasons 5 and 6. I've only seen them once, and I'm wondering if I'll feel differently about the characters the second time through. (Ironically, they're the ones I own, thanks to iTunes.)

  8. “See, Doctor Who fans aren’t merely viewers; they’re the Doctor’s Companions, adventuring through the universe across time and space as surely as Rose and Mickey, Martha and Donna, Amy and Rory. The TARDIS has room aboard for you, too—trust me: it’s bigger on the inside—if you can meet a few simple conditions.”

    OMG. I love this post. I agree with every word–THATS what makes DW so amazing.

    “What matters is that if the Doctor suddenly appeared in his blue box and unfolded the universe at your feet, you’d go with him. Because that’s what I want: a Companion to have adventures with, across time and space.”

    *flails * *looks around for the TARDIS*

  9. As in other areas of my life, I am late to love the Doctor. Maybe I am making up for that by creating two HUGE fans in my daughters! I would make a great Companion because I am bold, brassy, adventurous, and I have big, brown eyes. Also, I am big on the witty banter but willing to let someone else be the star. Let’s go save the world (again)!

  10. This is such a cute, amazing post! Love the idea. Blink was the first Dr. Who episode I ever watched, and it was thrilling and entertaining despite the fact the Doctor was barely in it. Definitely made me more curious about the rest of the show. :)

    • Thank you! I think “Blink” is one of the best pieces of television writing ever! And part of its greatness is that it succeeds pretty well as a stand-alone. I suppose it helps to know the basics of the Doctor and the TARDIS, but it’s not strictly necessary; after all, brand new viewers can get their introduction right along with Sally Sparrow.

  11. I hadn’t heard of Doctor Who before I got married, but I’m fortunate that my husband and I both fell in love with the show. I’m more in love than he is (cannot get him to really give the Classic Who a try), but I’m so glad he appreciates it. It’s so much fun watching together.

  12. The seventh paragraph gave me chills. It’s just so true! You’ve put to words what I’ve only just now been trying to grasp- thank you!

      • : D exactly!

        (ps- I’m cracking up at how obvious the link back to the main wibbly wobbly blog schedule is on all these articles now that I have time to go back and read them. Please don’t think I’m a total dumbass for not seeing it earlier! ha ha ha!)

  13. I feel like I need to save this for any potential mates. They must agree to this! :D

    Thanks for joining the blog hop! This has been such fun :)

    sonshinemusic at gmail dot com

  14. I’m not a Dr Who fan (at the moment, but this blog hope may be changing that!) it is my husband who has been a follower of the Dr since he was a kid.
    I have to say though, that I know many smart, funny, lovely women who ADORE Dr Who – and there’s nothing to be ashamed of in that – you’re in good company.

  15. LOVED this. I wish I could find a Companion, but sadly, I am the only Whovian I know in person! I tried getting my boyfriend into it (starting with Blink), but much to my dismay he couldn’t see the appeal. :( Thank goodness for the internet, and for posts like this!


  16. If that big blue box showed up in my front yard, I don’t think I’d stop to grab a sweater. I’d be gone, baby. Gone.

    -lisechen at

  17. Okay, I love love love this post! Cracked me up :-)
    Sadly, my husband sighs and rolls his eyes at me when I tell him we should pop in a Dr. Who dvd. Alas…

    And for the commenter who brought up the idea of a Sir Terry episode? *dies*
    I so love Terry Pratchett!

    I’m loving this blog tour, as it introduces me to awesome blogs that require following!

    ettyoop at

    • Hilarious! I can only assume that this Dog Dalek is sailing through the sky blue heavens on its way to ex-terminate some squirrelies. It is much cuter than the average Dalek, I must say.

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